Saturday, May 08, 2010

My First Japanese Poem(Song) - Important Person

hai every one

I usually go office by Public Bus (T-151) from Tambaram to Navallur. Yes my office is at Navallur. The travelling time is around 45 min. During the travelling time i will hear japanese song often. One day i heared a  japanese song entitled as Sotto kyutto  from SMAP. In that song one line make me to write a song (poem - actually i dont what it is. I left with you all.) about the precious(Important) person. Here the line from the Sotto Kyutto song

大切な 大切な キミがそばにいて
ありふれた毎日が カラフルになる

taisetsu na   taisetsu na   KIMI ga soba ni ite
arifureta mainichi ga   KARAFURU ni naru

When I have such an important, important person like you by my side
The ordinary everyday becomes colourful

今キミがそばにいること それは そう奇跡だ
 ima KIMI ga soba ni iru koto   sore wa   sou kiseki da

The fact that you are beside me now, it's a miracle

Yes in everyone's life there must be a important person who may turned everyone's life in a better way. The another day while travelling in bus i wrote these words (peom or song or just a simple sentence).







taisetsuna hito

hitobito no  kifuu ga chau node
kuraberu koto wo shinaidene

kimi wo aishiteiru hito ha
ichiban taisetsuna hito dane
kimi no kimochi wo kanjiru hito ha
honmani toutoi hito dane

taisetsuna hito ga (kimi no) soba ni iru toki
mamoru koto wo wasurenaidene
aite ga soba ni itekuretara
kimi ga nandemo dekiru nandene

sukina hito ha soba ni iru koto
sore ha sou kisekida
moushi kimi ga aishitetara
zenbu ha kirei ni miruyo..

dakara minna wo aishite kudasai......

Important Person

people charcter(traits) were different
so dont compare them with each other

The person who loves you is
the very most important person
The person who understands your feelings is
really a precious person

When important person is with you
dont forgot to protect(to look into him/her) them(him/her)
When your partner is with you
it is possible to do of anything by you

It is a miracle that
you always be with your favourite person(precious person)
If you are in love then
you will see everything as beautifull

so please be in love and lovable

This is it .. so how is it friends !! send me ur feedback through comments or mail

Thank you all


  1. one word ..super ..i like the last line in love and is the single medicine which cud cure the persisting socio economic,egoistic diseases in mankind ..keep rocking...

  2. Thank you very much. and you are correct ..