Friday, November 23, 2007

Creativity and Attitudes of creative minds

The following are the attitude and chararcttersitics of creative minds by earl nightingale
1) He has a carefully and clearly defined set of goals.
2) He thinks imaginatively on a daily basis about three things:
a) himself
b) his worth
c) his fellow man.
"By asking himself questions in these three areas, he's prospecting in the richest gold mine ever known.”

3) He is intensely observant, paying careful attention to everything he thinks and hears
4) He is always looking for better ways to do his work and live his life
5) He anticipates achievement. He expects to win.
6) When a creative person gets a new idea, he puts it through a series of steps designed to improve it He builds big ideas from little ones, new ideas from old ones.
7) He uses his spare time wisely. He realizes that many of the world's greatest ideas were conceived in the creator's spare time
8) Problems are challenges to creative minds He knows it's a waste of time merely to worry about problems, so he wisely invests the same time and energy in solving problems.
9) The creative person knows the value of giving himself and his ideas away. He's a giver as well as a go?getter. The hand that gives, always gathers
about creative people and creativity
1) "Ceasing to think creatively is but little different than ceasing to live. "
-- Ben Franklin.
2) “It’s possible to lift ourselves over life's obstacles through the use of our applied imagination."
3) "The imaginations of most of us are like the wings of an ostrich. They enable us to run, though not to soar. But many of us don't even walk.”
-- Lord MacCauley.
4) “Talent is our affair. We can shrivel it through disuse or build it up by practicing creativity, by solving problems, by using our leisure in ways that will exercise our imagination until we become happy, vital, intelligent people.”
-- Gustav Flaube

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